Removal Wasps and Gadfly

Vespula vulgaris, vespa cabro

Did you know that the second sting of a wasp is increased by 30% the risk of a severe reaction? Experts recommend that children with allergies dress in colorful clothes poorly and if possible long sleeves and long pants, at sites with large numbers of such insects. A wasp or horsefly bite can bring a systemic or anaphylactic reaction, even at risk to life. Dr. Elena Alonso, Vice President of the Spanish Society of Clinical Immunology, Pediatric Allergy and Asthma (SEICAP) advises caution to the greatest danger of sting allergies in children on holiday. 3% of the Spanish population is at risk for a systemic reaction to a sting of such insects, according to the SEICAP.

What are the Hymenoptera? Among insects capable of inducing allergic reactions include those belonging to the family of the Hymenoptera which are grouped into three groups: ápidos, whose main representative is the bee; vespids, among which the wasps; and formicios, we grouped the ants. 10% of the population suffers reactions to the sting of a wasp, although only a small proportion experience a severe systemic reaction, ie a picture of anaphylaxis. In Spain, according to data from the Spanish Society of Allergology and Clinical Immunology (SEAIC), about 800,000 people are allergic to the venom of these insects. The mortality rate is estimated at 0.4 million inhabitants, which means that 15 to 20 people could die each year from this cause.

It is in Spring and Summer where we are more likely to suffer a sting or bite because it is the time of pollen and the insects are most active. However, it is children who are often the most affected area being the most frequent and foot. For this reason, we know that after suffering a bite or sting of these insects occurs in the severe pain at the time, forming a papule, a red raised skin with a central point that is where he acted the insect, there may be a progressive edema within 24 hours. Note that not all react to a bite or bite in the same way. There are people who have an allergic reaction that does not depend on the amount of poison or place, but is typical of each.

If you have wasp nests, hornet or bee resides or in surrounding areas, it is wise to control this insect colony to avoid evils. Guadalplaga has extensive experience in the control and removal of wasps, flies and other insects.

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