Elimination Termite and Woodworm

Reticulittermes grassei

Termite pests are insects that cause more damage to the wood. Termites live in colonies with a similar ants and bees social organization. They are tropical and subtropical primarily climates, but have adapted to the temperate zones, being in Spain mainly 3 species, of which only two produce wood damage: Reticulitermes, subterranean species living in the peninsula and the Balearic Islands, and Criptotermes, species living in dry wood directly and live in the Canary Islands.

The second and most important enemy of wood is the Woodworm, the family of the Coleoptera (beetles commonly as we know). Larvae can reach 20 to 22 mm long and 6 mm diameter drilled galleries oval section in the whiteness of the timber. The duration of their life cycle is very variable, and can be between two and twelve years after the larvae to the pupal stage before becoming an adult insect, this comes out leaving the classic oval holes.

The treatment on wood estructuctura a building is important to extend the life of the building. In old houses and structures, which has not carried out any termite and woodworm treatment, we found that in a few years you have to replace ceilings, roofs and complete structures with the cost that entails. Hence the importance of providing adequate treatment from construction.

Guadalplaga has the best and most modern techniques for prevention and preservation of wood against woodworm and ends. We generally work on the structure on site, allowing us to ensure greater effectiveness and durability of the treatment.

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