Frequently Asked Question

  • Can you do me a no obligation quote? +

    Of course, all our quotes are no obligation. Finally, if you choose not to accept the budget or not to carry out treatment, Guadalplaga will not request any payment or premium even though we have moved technicians for the installation concerned.
  • What kind of warranty do you offer? +

    The warranty will always depend on the type of service provided and treatment characteristics. Our company offers several models with different types of contract warranty, maintenance and foresight, offering different possibilities for each client depending on their needs or their budget.
  • Should I leave or close my business? +

    Usually, no. The products today are used for integrated pest management are of very low toxicity, usually classified as harmful, but depending on the pest to be treated there biologicals excellent results without time security. However, the maximum time period to comply with safety if using chemicals is a maximum of 12 hours, so that we can tailor treatment to a schedule that does not perjudice personally or professionally.
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