Wo We Are

Guadalplaga SL is a company of Pest Control, authorized and approved for treatments for DDD with Ministry of Health of the Government of Andalusia with the approval number of 0257-AND-750, which can issue certificates certifying official to its establishment as being protected.

Guadalplaga offers a great professional experience in combating all types of pests, with highly qualified technical and human resources to achieve maximum satisfaction of our clients have approvals by the Administration concerning.:

  • Food Industry.
  • Environmental Health (treatments to individuals).
  • Legionella.
  • Greenbelt.
  • Wood treatments (woodworm and other wood-eating termite) and fireproofing.

Our performance formulas are based on innovative techniques through continuous monitoring of facilities performing first: A diagnosis that allows to know the pest being treated and the degree of infestation; shock treatment if necessary, ie, we are consistent with the environment and people's health; and finally, ongoing monitoring visits as a preventative measure as well as advice on self-management programs, environmental cleanliness and order.

Over 20 years of service and hundreds of customers guarantee our quality.
Thank you for trusting Guadalplaga.

Pest Control